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NJTechWeekly.comAdRates (updatedfornew websiteredesign) Updated 8/21

Please contact us before sending any money or art as prices are subject to change.


A.  $100/MonthBannerAd:728wX 90h;Appears on all pagesofthewebsite.Rotates1/3of thetimewith otherads. Terms:Prepay3month minimum

B.  $75/MonthSideAd:300wX 250h;Appearsonall pagesofthewebsite.Rotates1/3 ofthe timewith otherads.Terms:Prepay3monthminimum

C.   $50/MonthSideAd:180wX 315h;Appearsonall pagesofthewebsite.Rotates1/3 ofthe timewith otherads.Terms:Prepay3 Monthminimum

D.  $20/MonthLogo Ad:180wX50h;Appears onallpages ofthewebsite.Canrotate1/3ofthe timewith otherads.Terms:Prepay3monthminimum

E.   $20/MonthAroundNewJerseysidead. 120wby240h.Appearson onlythefrontpage ofthewebsite.Rotates1/3 ofthetimewith otherAds. Terms:Prepay3month minimum

F.   $50/MonthArticlePageOnlySideAd Top Position. 300wX 250h.Rotates1/3 ofthe timewith other Ads. Terms:Prepay3month minimum

G.  $45/MonthArticlePageOnlySideAd BottomPosition.300wX 250h.Rotates1/3ofthe timewith other Ads. Terms:Prepay3month minimum.




Wealso offerSponsoredPoststhatappearinourOpinionSection.Postscost $150/piecefora limited time andarebetween500 and700words,labeledas SponsoredPosts. Theyarenot PR piecesbut substantivearticlesproduced bysponsors. An exampleofasponsored post EntrepreneursCanLearnLessonsFromThosewith SuccessfulExits: UBS

and: SponsoredPost:ESOP:AnotherExitStrategy fora “MatureTechCompany

Packages ofa series ofposts areavailableuponrequest. alsoproducesanew weeklynewsletter46 times ayear.We arecurrently lookingforsponsorsforthenewsletterat acostof$100/month, prepaidforthreemonths, aswe build audienceforthenewsletter.Youradvertisement willbeincluded ineachissue.



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Esther Surden, publisher
E. Surden Associates LLC
Phone: 973-403-0552

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