Company Roundup: Marketsmith, Heartland, Universal Display, Datapipe and SITO Mobile

This roundup has news from vari­ous tech com­pan­ies in New Jer­sey.

Liberty Science Center and Jersey City Present Ambitious Plan for a Technology Campus

The broad out­lines of a plan to de­vel­op land ad­ja­cent to the Liberty Sci­ence Cen­ter in­to a sci­ence-and-tech­no­logy cam­pus that will at­tract in­dustry and jobs have been laid out by Jer­sey City May­or Steven M. Fu­lop and Liberty Sci­ence Cen­ter Pres­id­ent and CEO Paul Hoff­man.

Inside Fusar’s Funding Round

Fusar Tech­no­lo­gies, the former Tech­Launch com­pany that is de­vel­op­ing a smart, con­nec­ted mo­tor­cycle hel­met, raised $200K in a first tranche of fund­ing last fall, and is in the pro­cess of rais­ing its next round of fund­ing.
Photo: Mark Annett (file photo) Photo Credit: Esther Surden
Mark Annett (file photo) | Esther Surden

Can Lean Startup Principles Be Applied to Life Sciences Companies?

Lean Star­tup meth­ods are of­ten touted as the right path for every busi­ness, but are they really use­ful for life-sci­ence star­tups? Ac­cord­ing to Mark An­nett, who spoke at the Launch NJ: Life Sci­ences Hub meetup on Jan. 5, the an­swer is "No," but oth­ers dis­agree.

Some Details Emerge on Marc Lore’s E-commerce Startup Jet

Re­cently, Bloomberg Busi­nes­s­week fea­tured an art­icle by Brad Stone on Marc Lore’s e-com­merce star­tup, Jet, which wants to out-Amazon Amazon, and out-Costco Costco. This art­icle takes some of the high points of that re­port.

Guest Opinion: The JuiceTank Eight – New Jersey’s Hot Startups of 2014

The New Jer­sey star­tup scene has seen its share of high­lights and grow­ing pains, but I would like to steer away from the bird’s eye view for the time be­ing. Of­ten when we as­sess the eco­sys­tem, there aren’t many in­di­vidu­al com­pan­ies that make the con­ver­sion. This art­icle lists 8 prom­ising star­tups that have grown bey­ond the trac­tion stage.

Guest Opinion: To end the year, here is a definitive list of New Jersey’s most promising tech startups

It seems that, even com­pared to just a couple years ago, more and more star­tups are com­ing out of New Jer­sey at a rap­id clip. And also com­pared to a few years ago, they are com­ing out with bet­ter and bet­ter ideas. What I have no­ticed, however, is that the ideas have al­ways gen­er­ally been very good here. As a mar­ket­ing and PR per­son, what I al­ways thought was lack­ing in the New Jer­sey tech star­tup scene was great ex­e­cu­tion.
Around New Jersey

Feds Announce Plans to Sell Leases for Offshore Wind Off New Jersey's Coast


The federal government plans to conduct a lease sale for potential wind farms off the coast of New Jersey later this year, but whether the state will have its own policies in place to make the technology happen is questionable

Roselle Teens Get Day of Mentoring at AT&T in Bedminster

On Jan. 15, AT&T held a day of mentoring at the company’s facility in Bedminster, during which 37 students from Abraham Clark High School (Roselle) met with AT&T employees from the IT, marketing, business sales, and engineering departments, who served as their mentors at the event.

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