NJEN Panel Discusses How Tech and Life Sciences Startups Can Work with NJ Universities

A New Jer­sey En­tre­pren­eur­i­al Net­work pan­el mod­er­ated by Ju­dith Sheft, NJIT’s vice pres­id­ent of tech­no­logy de­vel­op­ment, dis­cussed how star­tups can suc­cess­fully nav­ig­ate uni­versity tech­no­logy-trans­fer of­fices in or­der to li­cense crit­ic­al tech­no­logy for their products.

At Morris Meetup, Wiley Cerilli Talks About Importance of Proving Customers Will Buy

The nearly 100 at­tendees at the Mor­ris Tech meetup on Feb. 10 were treated to some en­tre­pren­eur­i­al wis­dom from Wiley Cerilli, who sold Single­Plat­form to Con­stant Con­tact for $100 mil­lion dol­lars. Cerilli, a seri­al en­tre­pren­eur, talked about his en­tre­pren­eur­i­al jour­ney, em­phas­iz­ing along the way, that the tech­no­logy wasn’t as im­port­ant as mak­ing sure star­tups have cus­tom­ers for the tech­no­logy.

Design Thinking Lets Designers Insert Themselves as a Strategic Partner, Berkessel Said at NJ Connect

Design thinking for business was the topic of the 2015 kickoff NJ Connect meetup event, on February 4 in Red Bank. Juergen Berkessel, cofounder and CIO of Polymash(Atlantic Highlands) a creative agency specializing in design, strategy and development, provided an in-depth walk-through of his “Design Thinking for Business” methodology.
Photo: L-R Jim Bourke, WithumSmith+Brown; Stuart Hanebuth, Power Survey Co.; Venu Myneni, Radiant Systems, Inc.; Karen Lisnyj, NJTC; Michelle Capezza, Epstein Becker Green; Jim Barrood, NJTC Photo Credit: Courtesty NJTC
L-R Jim Bourke, WithumSmith+Brown; Stuart Hanebuth, Power Survey Co.; Venu Myneni, Radiant Systems, Inc.; Karen Lisnyj, NJTC; Michelle Capezza, Epstein Becker Green; Jim Barrood, NJTC | Courtesty NJTC

NJTC Tech Trek Leaves Participants Hopeful for Legislative Action on STEM Grad Visas

Each year, a delegation from the New Jersey Tech Council participates in a Tech Trek to Washington, where the members gather with delegations from other states to learn about issues that concern tech companies. The N.J. group then meets with members of Congress to lobby for changes in the law. This was the first time the New Jersey group was led by Jim Barrood, the new president and CEO of NJTC.

New Jersey Cybersecurity Companies To Watch

NJB­iz com­piled a list of New Jer­sey cy­ber­se­cur­ity com­pan­ies to watch from a dir­ect­ory de­veloped by Cy­ber­se­cur­ity Ven­tures, a Cali­for­nia-based re­search and mar­ket-in­tel­li­gence firm fo­cused on star­tups and emer­ging com­pan­ies in the cy­ber­se­cur­ity in­dustry.

Safes: Not For Everyone, But They Don’t Try To Be: SPONSORED POST

We are in early days for SAFEs – Simple Agree­ments for Fu­ture Equity, the new­est meth­od by which in­vestors can fin­ance start-ups they view as The Next Big Thing – but even with re­l­at­ively few pre­cincts re­port­ing in, the vot­ing pat­terns are start­ing to be­come clear.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Want to create opportunities for your B2B business? Here’s How to Start a LinkedIn Group

You’re a savvy B2B tech­no­lo­gist—why not con­sider tap­ping in­to the power of so­cial com­mu­nic­a­tions by start­ing an on­line com­munity through a Linked­In Group. Some of the most pro­duct­ive groups on­line are tech­no­logy based, and your group, too should fo­cus on a top­ic of value for your audi­ence.  
Around New Jersey

Jersey City Techies Tackle Port Authority's Data for PATH Stations

Jersey City coders tried to shed light on Port Authority data at a hackathon aimed at resolving questions about PATH nightly ridership.

Russian National Pleads Not Guilty in International Hacking Scheme

NEWARK — A Russian national accused of plotting the largest computer hacking scheme ever prosecuted in the U.S. pleaded not guilty today during his first appearance in a federal courtroom. Among companies hacked was N.J.-based Heartland Payment Systems.

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