Panasonic’s Rytting Tells Industry to Build IoT to Provide Value, Fill Needs

Todd Ryt­ting, CTO of Panason­ic, gave the audi­ence at the New Jer­sey Tech Coun­cil In­ter­net of Things Con­fer­ence a sur­pris­ing ac­count of Panason­ic’s vis­ion for IoT. One hint: It doesn’t in­volve wear­ables.

AT&T’s Abella Paints Picture of Coming Internet of Things Revolution at NJTC Conference

The In­ter­net of Things (IoT) is poised to be­come one of the ma­jor drivers of in­nov­a­tion in New Jer­sey in com­ing years, and the New Jer­sey Tech Coun­cil’s In­ter­net of Things Con­fer­ence, on May 7, went in­to depth on how this could hap­pen.

NJIT Creates Infographic About Mobile Health Industry

NJIT cre­ated an In­fograph­ic about the mo­bile health in­dustry.  
Photo: Tanja Lewit, managing director, Kentix Photo Credit: Esther Surden
Tanja Lewit, managing director, Kentix | Esther Surden

Some NJTC Internet of Things Competition Winners from New Jersey

The May 5 Internet of Things Conference, presented by the New Jersey Technology Council at New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark), featured a competition of companies that are incorporating sensors into their products, creating wearables, developing bots or drones and developing apps that are changing how people interact with the things in their lives.

Interview with CEO Chris Sullens: Inside Marathon Data Systems’ Name Change to “WorkWave”

Mara­thon Data Sys­tems (Nep­tune) an­nounced on June 30 that it had changed its name to “Work­Wave.” At the same time, the com­pany ac­quired Fox­trax, a cloud-based firm that spe­cial­izes in GPS for fleet track­ing. NJTech­ spoke to Chris Sul­lens, pres­id­ent and CEO, about Work­Wave and the reas­ons for this com­plete rebrand­ing

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Sharing is Caring: How to Amplify your Marketing Efforts

You can have the most ro­bust mar­ket­ing plan in place, but without en­gage­ment and amp­li­fic­a­tion, your ef­forts may not get the re­turn you had hoped for. 

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Why Going Mobile with Your Company Marketing Content Will Improve ROI

Re­cent re­search is showing that mobile media search and display drive the most phone calls to businesses today. If you’re ready to increase your ROI, consider creating mobile-friendly versions of your critical assets. Why not adopt a mobile-first approach for your content strategy?
Around New Jersey

New Coworking Space Planned on Long Beach Island as Chamber of Commerce Seeks to Redefine Beach Culture


Long Beach Island will soon be home to a new coworking space and business incubator, run by the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce. And local entrepreneurs can apply for membership at the facility, which is expected to house five companies.

Rowan U. plans to open medical school on NJIT's Newark campus

Newark could get its first new medical school in 50 years under an unusual proposal by Rowan University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Rowan wants to open a branch of its School of Osteopathic Medicine, located in Camden County, on NJIT's Newark campus, university officials said. The new school could eventually enroll 200.

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